Thanks to hayu — a unique multichannel OTT video service that’s dedicated to reality TV programming — international viewers have access to new episodes of their favorite programs on the same day as their US broadcast. First launched in the UK, Ireland, and Australia in 2016, the hayu service is now available in 27 countries across a full variety of mobile, tablet, and TV devices, as well as the web. The service, from NBCUniversal International, provides more than 8,000 episodes from more than 300 of the best reality shows.

Over the past 18 months the service has been upgraded —…

Within Merapar we create complete backend solutions for Media, Broadcast and IoT companies. These industry verticals have a common case where they serve a large consumer base with unpredictable usage patterns and a continuous need to improve consumer experience with ongoing functional enhancements.

Building the Service

Service Operators strive to provide their consumers with ever increasing functionality, simplicity of use, interoperability with other platforms / services and a personalised consumer experience. Each increment of the consumer’s UX always requires backend evolutions and testing. …

Alex Borland

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